Mona Elgindy is a Supervisory Attorney in the Public Benefits Group at Legal Aid Chicago. She supervises their MLP Project which consists of 3 distinct partnerships with Erie Family Health Center, Cook County Health system, and their newest partner, University of Chicago's Trauma Department. Mona has been committed to serving vulnerable communities for almost 10 years. Prior to joining Legal Aid Chicago, she worked at Prairies State Legal Services where her practice focused on public benefits, housing, consumer law, protection from domestic violence/financial exploitation, and preventing nursing home involuntary discharges.

Mona has handled cases at the administrative hearing level, circuit court level as well as appellate level. She has had one of her cases involving domestic violence affirmed by the 3rd District Appellate court where the decision was published. Her passion is protecting older adults and disabled adults and she has spoken extensively about the legal remedies available to protect them from financial exploitation and abuse. Mona completed her law degree magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago where she now teaches as an adjunct clinic professor in their Health Justice Project.